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  1. Darcy Vargas says:

    She is now number #1 in Darcy’s eyes ♥️

  2. Bruce says:

    She is absolutely scrumptious!

  3. William says:

    Va- va-va -voom !!

  4. Philzepain says:

    Suzie Q à la classe ! Waouh !

  5. ilike says:

    looks like votes are not taken into account properly.

  6. Suzie's brother says:

    Hi Webmaster,
    why don’t you fix the counter issue ?

    • admin says:

      What is wrong with the counter?

      • Suzie's brother says:

        very often, counter is not updated after a vote. It takes sometimes days before the value is increased by 1, even after many many (believe me) mouse clicks on a star.
        On some other occasions, the counters values on the home page (Top rated) are not equal to those displayed later on a model page.

        • admin says:

          You can only vote once per model. If you vote again your previous vote is deleted and your new vote replaces the old one. I can’t have everyone voting as much as they want because the score will not be an accurate one. The values on the homepage and model pages will often differ because of caching on those pages.

          • Suzie's brother says:

            Ok,thanks. Is there a minimum period of time before a new vote can be credited to a model ?

  7. admin says:

    Nope no minimum time.

  8. Darcy Vargas says:

    Does any one know if Suzie has an Instagram account etc ?

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